1099 Contractor New Hire Forms Packet


Will you be hiring 1099 Contractors in your business for either internal hiring or external hiring? If so, this 1099 Contractor New Hire Forms Packet will ensure you are onboarding your new contractors properly.

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Hiring 1099 Contractors is something organizations do to have staffing flexibility. Within your niche’ recruitment and staffing business there are a few occasions where you might want to consider hiring a 1099 Contractor:

  1. When you are looking to bring a sales, recruiter, or even a marketing person into your business model, however you might want to check them out first and/or allow them to check you out first. Before you totally commit to a full-time role where you are paying taxes and such, your 1099 Contractor can cover their own taxes and work for you when needed.
  2. Depending on your niche’ and the 1099 Contractor’s status with the IRS, you might decide to hire a 1099 Contractor to work with your employer clients based on specific contracts.

Either way, when you find a 1099 Contractor that you like and want to work with, there is still an onboarding process that needs to take place.

This 1099 Contractor New Hire Forms Packet will provide you with:

  • Welcome Letter Editable Template
  • Pre-Orientation Instructions Editable Template
  • Engagement Letter Editable Template
  • Independent Contractor Agreement Editable Template

This is EVERYTHING you need to get your 1099 Contractor onboarded properly.

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