11-Step Sales & Business Development Process Checklist


From Zero to Pro in 90 days!
Discover How To Master The Art of Sales & Business Development So That You Can Land Contracts And Job Orders For Your Niche’ Recruitment & Staffing Business!
Use the video guide to help you understand how to use this checklist and follow the process to land the most amazing clients!

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When you use the 11-Step Sales & Business Development Process Checklist, you have the ability to use the video guide along with this checklist to give you additional help where needed, and to encourage you to TAKE ACTION on the information that you have at your very fingertips!

You’ll Learn:

– Two ways you can go about Sales & Business Development for your business
– The 4 types of companies you want to do business
– What type of research you want to conduct for Sales & Business Development
– To create a Reach Out Strategy (Rotation Schedule)
– Your #1 goal when conducting Sales & Business Development
– What type of questions to ask when meeting with the client
– How to ask for the contract

You now have to power in your hands to land any client you desire. Download this checklist and process to get started right now.

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