Assist You Business Setup to 3 Active Contracts (6 Months)


Identifize Consulting will help you with setting up, growing, and scaling your niche recruitment business showing you how to run the business, and help you with the business, by generating activity within your business, including assisting with getting client contracts, and we have six months to achieve this mission.



Let us Assist You for 6 Months with getting your business Setup and Launched to getting your first three Client Contracts w/ Job Orders in the Business

For you and up to two other partners, your investment will include:

  • Everything that you would receive with the Online Self-Paced Lifetime Training Program
  • We will meet for one-hour online for orientation of the program, access to online systems, schedule onsite visit.
  • We meet in person for two days in your city for Onboarding which consists laying out a roadmap, establishing goals, and start the strategic playbook building process.
  • For the next six weeks we will then meet online up to five hours per week to begin the process of setting up your business, building your brand, creating strategies and preparing for the launch of the business.
  • The next twelve weeks we will meet online one day per week for two hours with a focus on generating activity within the business to generate revenue. These sessions are also used for accountability. To track your activities to ensure you’re doing the things that need to be done to generate revenue (all online sessions will be recorded).
  • I will refer clients to your business, make introductions to you and your business, and assist you with landing contracts 4-8 hour per week.
  • I will conduct one additional site visit before the end of your contract
  • On the last day of coaching you will receive a certificate of completion and the opportunity to renew your relationship with me to continue coaching you and holding you accountable.

  • Full Logo Design (4 design options + unlimited revisions)
  • Full 10 Page WordPress Website Design w/ SEO and Applicant Tracking System Integration
  • Business Card Design (you must print your own)
  • Stationary Design (you must print your own)
  • Social Media Graphic Design

What We Will / May Cover:

Business/Industry Orientation | Startup Guidance & Assistance | Niche’ Strategy Development | Branding, Marketing & Advertising | Pre-Sales & Relationship Building | Review & Role Play | Talent Attraction | Candidate Sourcing | Business Development | Candidate Sales & Recruiting | Contract Negotiation | Metrics & Accountability Development and Coaching Program Graduation

At the 12 week point in your training you will receive:

  • a Certificate of Completion,
  • Website Badge, and
  • an Official Press Release will be published online.

Your investment will also include:

  • – Access to a personal Project Management Portal (ASANA & Google Drive Storage) where we work on and keep track of your business.
  • – Up to two years of Start-up Coaching & Training with Dee Williams online & in-person
  • Site Visit from Dee Williams to your location within 7 days of signing up!
  • – Setup and Help Launch Your Business
  • – Develop Time Management System and review and develop your standard operating procedures
  • – Solidify Your Niche Market
  • – Create Business Goals For 1-5 Years
  • – We will develop Your Brand & Marketing Strategy (What’s your pitch? What’s your message? Marketing Automation, Etc…)
  • – We will develop Your Candidate Pipeline Strategy (Where to find your candidates and how to connect with them properly)
  • – We will develop Your Sales & Business Development Strategy (Where to find your clients and how to connect with them properly)
  • – We will implement, test, analyze and re-implement based on what’s working and what’s not.

Note: Appointment times are based on the availability of both parties and are open time slots on the calendar.

***PLEASE NOTE: This program can be delivered to you via a structured process for those of you who need it or feel more comfortable with that process. However, many of you will need something customized to your needs – and we can provide that flexibility to you as well.

What is your time worth to you?


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