621AC ATS Tech Clinic How To Run & Scale My Niche Recruitment & Staffing Business Services Course


Want to learn how to work your ATS better?

Every Wednesday @11am pst / 2pm est (for one-hour) for 6 months you will work with Coach Dee Williams + our Expert ATS Coaches where you will deep dive into using various Applicant Tracking Systems, learn to overcome challenges, refine your skill set working with the core business technology, share success and most importantly, increase confidence.

It’s an action packed hour (every week) full of high-energy interactive learning that you simply don’t want to miss.


This is  CLINIC – not a course. 

For the next 6-months, you come to this weekly group online ATS Clinic to get help with problems or challenges that you’re having throughout the week with your ATS – Applicant tracking System, while running your business.

You come to this weekly group ATS Clinic to hear other people’s challenges too, so that you can prevent them yourself or to get ahead of something.

When you come to this weekly online ATS Clinic, ready to share your camera, share your screen, and dive right in.

This ATS Clinic is one of the most powerful clinics helping Staffingpreneurs maneuver through the terrains of their Applicant Tracking System.

  • Fix your ATS Forms
  • Fix your ATS Process
  • Fix your ATS User Roles
  • Fix your ATS Documents
  • Fix your ATS eSignature
  • Fix your ATS Pre-Screening Questions
  • Fix your ATS Emails
  • And so much more…

This is where Staffingpreneurs go when they need to get more help with their ATS – Applicant Tracking System.

Sign-up for the ATS Clinic right now.

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