624AC I’m Launching Clinic How To Run My Niche Recruitment & Staffing Business Course


Want to accelerate your chances of successfully Launching your niche’ recruitment and staffing business the right way?

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How will you officially launch your niche’ recruiting and staffing business?

Join us every Thursday @4pm pst / 7pm est (one-hour) for the next 6 months and work with Coach Dee Williams AND various expert Coaches to achieve three things: the proper demonstration of various launching strategies, practice launch strategy conversations via roleplay, and flushing out your launching strategy.. 

Join this action packed hour full of high-energy interactive sourcing and talent attraction learning that you simply don’t want to miss.


If having the best talent IS your competitive advantage – 

HOW you launch your niche’ staffing business is everything.


Most people start their niche’ recruitment and staffing business with no thought or strategy in mind. They do not realize that launching a niche’ recruitment and staffing business can be a strategic way to attract and acquire new talent and new clients too!


The launch of your niche’ recruitment and staffing business should be deliberate and intentional. You are just stepping into the marketplace and the way you make your entrance will let the industry know what you bring to the table. This I’m Launching Clinic is going to help you do just that.


Launch Your Niche’ Recruitment Business In A Way That Sets You Apart 


We want to see you WIN so for the next six-months, every week you will join a group Launching Clinic via zoom where you will bring your launch quick wins, strategies, and challenges to the call, while being ready to participate in and learn from Demo Roleplay.


If you’re  someone who absolutely needs a little more support than the average person – the I’m Launching Clinic is where you want to be to Accelerate your chances of success. 




Because our Launching Clinic is a hands-on experience where you get to learn from expert Business Startup and Staffing Coaches, your peers, as well as participate to gain the courage, confidence and practice you need to be successful in this business.


The Staffingpreneurs Accelerated I’m Launching Coaching Clinic provides confidential, tailor-made business launching coaching in a private virtual setting to help Staffingpreneurs (like you) create, organize, confront challenges, defuse problems and simply gain a competitive advantage at an early stage. 


When attending the I’m Launching Clinic for Staffing Business Startups, you will build your strategic business skills in several different areas:


  • Marketing your business using the launch of your business as the tool
  • Get a head start on attracting talent to start pipelining and building a strong talent pool
  • Use your launch to educate and generate warm leads who have an interest in your business


Remember: When you look to accelerate your business growth, you are making a strategic move. You’re deciding that achieving your goals in this business and in your life is worth the investment.  


When you register for the Launching Clinic you get actionable feedback, and advice, to increase company revenue, increase business growth, and accelerate your business success. Sign Up Now!!!

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