Client & Candidate Reach Out Swipe File: Starting Conversations


The following swipe file is a collection of messages in text format that can be used in person, telephone, social media messaging and via email. They have been collected from a number of sources including my own personal collection and will allow you to start right away with reaching out to candidates to build your pipeline and to reach out to clients to start building the relationship.

We encourage you to duplicate these emails and use them for your business, but before you do so, please make sure you research the person you are reaching out to before using any of this verbiage and customize your message based on the person you’re looking to connect with. ***Remember this is a people business and people do business with people they like.*** Listen, if you take the time to get to know a bit about the person that you are reaching out to, your relationships will go a long way, and more people will answer your messages! 🙂

Finally, while recruiting and staffing as a whole requires a strong sense of urgency, building solid relationships with clients and candidates take time. These messages below are the seeds that will begin the relationship building process. Love this part of the process, because it will take you further than you can ever imagine.

26 Ways (Swipe Files) To Reach Out To Your Future Clients & 19 Ways (Swipe Files) To Reach Out To Your Future Clients!

This zip file is sure to help you get a head start on your introductions and conversations… Download the candidate and client messages now!

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26 Ways (Swipe Files) To Reach Out To Your Future Clients:

  • ClientR_Learn More About Hiring Process – Use this message when you see a position that you believe you can fill right now. You can also use this message when you see that a company is going through challenges and need to fill key roles within your niche’ space.
  • ClientR_FirstTouchEmail – Use this message to get to the right person in the company to talk about recruitment and staffing.
  • ClientR_Appropriate Person – Use this message to find out who the best person is for you to reach out to about your services.
  • ClientR_SocialConnect – Use this message when you are following up on a connection request via social media.
  • ClientR_Introduction – Use this message when you are introducing yourself to a client. You don’t want anything, you just want them to know that they are on your radar.
  • ClientR_Cold_Unsolicited Email – Use this message when you are sending an unsolicited email to someone to see who’s warm to your conversation.
  • ClientR_Careerspg+Working – Use this message when you want to reach out to a client about a job opportunity they have listed on their careers page.
  • ClientR_Executive Search Outreach – Use this message when inquiring about working with a company when you have a strong pipeline of executive talent to present quickly.
  • ClientR_10MinuteProposal – Use this message when you want to make the proposal happen! Use the 10 Minute Proposal Formula to wow your clients and get the signed proposal.
  • ClientR_RequestToSendCandidates – Use this message when you are looking to connect with companies and you have candidate resumes that you can send (no contact info on resume) to see if they are what the company is looking for. Please be sure you’re only submitting candidates that they would most likely hire based on the research you’ve conducted.
  • ClientR_HelpFillingSpecificRole – Use this message when you have three candidates for the client to look at (blind submittal) for a specific role. You’ve done all of the work for them. Typically, you will have a strong pipeline in order to make this happen.
  • And so many more…

19 Ways (Swipe Files) To Reach Out To Your Future Clients:


  • CandidateR_FirstConnect– Use this message when you are looking to connect with candidates within your niche market, after you’ve already started receiving job orders, and having conversations with clients.
  • CandidateR_AplayerConnect – Use this message when you are looking to connect with a top expert “A” player in your niche’ space and you want to learn from them and build a starting relationship for the future. Maybe they are on the market right now (you never know).
  • CandidateR_ForecastingTheFuture – Use this message when you are looking to build a relationship with someone planting the seed that they may need you in the future.
  • CandidateR_CEOReachOut – Use this message when you are reaching out to the candidate as the CEO of your own company.
  • CandidateR_AskForReferral – Use this message when you are looking for a few good referrals.
  • CandidateR_ReferredByConnection – Use this message when you were referred a candidate by someone else.
  • CandidateR_JustGotOffThePhone – Use this message when you just got off the phone with someone who referred a great candidate to you.
  • CandidateR_RockstarRecommendation – Use this message when you are referred to a ROCKSTAR candidate.
  • And so many more…

Here are two examples of what you will see…


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