Client & Candidate Role Play Workshop


12 Role Play Videos – Client And Candidate Role Play Video Series
Get The Practice you need and simulate the role of a High Billing Recruiter…

Learn what to say when recruiting and selling your niche’ recruitment and staffing solutions.



Get the practice you need and assume the role of the recruiter you’ve always desired to be by practicing and simulating real recruiter working conversations with both candidates and clients.

The Staffingpreneurs Role Play Workshop live training video series will help you to learn, improve and develop the necessary skills to talk to clients and candidates in the most comfortable and confident way.

You will receive 12 Days of Role Plays:

  • Six Days of Candidate Role Play Videos
  • Six Days of Client Role Play Videos

Never WONDER what to say when calling candidates for your niche recruitment & StaffingВ business Build candidate and candidate relationshipsВ FASTER by listening and executing these ROLE PLAYВ Scenarios.Produce 6-Figure Sales when knowing what to say, when and how to candidates and hiring managers

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