Digital: The Recruiting, Staffing, Consulting, Owners Manual


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Digital: The Recruiting, Staffing, Consulting, Owners Manual

This step-by-step training guide for startup entrepreneurs extensively walks you through the 10 phases of launch in order to help you navigate issues that may arise.

You’ll likely have plenty of questions pertaining to the set up, the daily operation and the marketing of your recruiting, staffing or consulting company. Don’t worry. Your curiosity is totally normal! And the good news is … the chances your inquiries or concerns are addressed somewhere in my comprehensive 200+ page owner’s manual are astronomically high.

Read below to see what’s in the manual so you will know what to expect to learn. Many Staffingpreneurs consider this their bible.

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What’s In The Owners Manual Book?


Are you looking to start your own firm and need a little direction? The Startup Recruiting, Staffing, Consulting Owners Training Manual is a comprehensive 200+ page start-up training guide filled with step-by-step instructions, going through 10 phases, to show you how to effectively start and run your new recruiting & staffing business + easy-to-use forms.

The Manual Covers:

  • Your Daily Research Assignment
  • Your Recruitment Owner Blueprint
  • Setting Up Your Firm
  • The History of the IT Recruiting Industry
  • Understanding Your Service Offerings
  • What Is The Market Rate To Charge For My Services?
  • How You Charge and Get Paid for Your Services
  • Why Clients Use Your Services
  • Current Industry Terms – Your Vocabulary
  • Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Understanding Recruiting – The Big Picture View
  • Typical Lifecycle
  • Discovering Your Niche
  • What Sets You Apart From Your Competition?
  • Establishing New Client Relationships
  • How To Begin The Process of Establishing New Relationships
  • Be Persistent to Get The Meeting!
  • The Formula for Landing a Meeting
  • 8 Principles of Sales & Recruiting Ethics
  • Understanding What Clients Really Want – Securing Your 1st Contract!
  • 6 Major Services Client’s Expect from Recruiters
  • The 2 Best Styles for Marketing Your Services
  • 6 Steps to Defining Your Recruitment Process
  • Building Your Target 100 List
  • How To Build A Target List
  • Discovery – Discovering New Business – Your Pitch to Your Lead/Connection
  • The 1st Rule of Selling Your Recruiting Services
  • The 2nd Rule of Selling Your Recruiting Services
  • The 3rd Rule of Selling Your Recruiting Services
  • We Don’t Make Cold Calls
  • Introducing The “Warm Call”
  • Asking Questions Equals More Meetings and More Job Orders!
  • Leave The Voicemail!
  • Network, Network, Network, Network!!!
  • Promotion – Marketing Your Best Candidate (MVT/MVC/MPC)
  • You Got The Meeting! – Now What?
  • The Job Order Is On The Table – Let’s Negotiate The Fee!
  • The Target Client Follow-Up Call and The Process (Close the deal)
  • The Follow-Up Process – When Your Lead Stands You Up!
  • Your Introduction To The Recruiting Process
  • Adding to Your Staff – Recruiting Commission Structures
  • Understanding The Decision Making Process
  • The 13 Steps of The Recruiting Process
  • Taking The Job Order
  • Setting Up Your ATS
  • Creating Your Recruiting Strategy
  • Research & Sourcing Basics
  • How Do You Search For Prospective Candidates?
  • Define Your Search Requirements
  • It’s All About The Pipeline!
  • The Art of Skill Marketing Exceptional Talent
  • What Are You Searching For In A Resume To Find The Right Candidate/Talent?
  • The Natural Language Search
  • The Boolean Search
  • Sample Boolean Search Strings
  • Boolean Strings – The Internet Sourcing Community
  • Build Your Own Boolean Search Strings
  • The Top 15 Sourcing and Recruiting Mistakes
  • The Basic Network Call
  • Networking Via Social Media Communities
  • Sourcing Using LinkedIn
  • Post Your Jobs on LinkedIn
  • Sourcing Using Facebook
  • Sourcing Using Twitter
  • Sourcing Using Google+
  • Sourcing Using Pinterest
  • Sourcing Using
  • Sourcing Using Github
  • Sourcing Using dribble
  • Sourcing Using StackOverflow
  • Sourcing Using Quora
  • Sourcing Using Instagram
  • The Forum, Blog, and Article Search
  • Additional Search Resources
  • Making Recruiting Calls
  • ABC = “Always Be Closing”
  • Be Persistent – The Passive Candidate Conversation
  • The Voicemail The Candidate Picked Up The Phone! – Starting the Conversation…
  • The In-Person / Online Interview
  • Counter Offers and How to Prevent Them
  • Packaging & Presenting Your Candidate to the Client
  • Briefing Your Candidate – Before the Interview
  • Briefing Your Client – Before the Interview
  • The Big Interview
  • Debriefing Your Candidate
  • Debriefing Your Client
  • Oh No! The Client Rejected The Offer
  • Making The Offer!
  • Hiring Skilled Labor from Outside the US Post Employment Follow-Up + easy-to-use forms!

This manual is used by Expert Recruitment and Staffing Trainer & Coach Dee Williams every day for the training of individuals who are looking to start their own recruiting and staffing business. It is VERY comprehensive and designed for the fast learner. If you’re going to purchase this book, we suggest that you choose the coaching add-on so that you can read, gather your questions, and then work with Dee Williams one-on-one for further clarification. For immediate results, purchase and download your copy now!

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