How To Re-Write the Perfect Job Description Template


Your mission is to find talent that your clients cannot find.
If that’s the case, then using the same exact job description that your client is using is a 100% complete NO NO!
You DO have the power to attract amazing talent to your job postings and really get people to respond to your emails. There is a formula for making this happen, and you will find that formula using this following Job Description Template!



You can master the art of writing really great job descriptions!

You will now have much to talk about when speaking with your candidates because you have not shared the full job description in advance. AND… using this template or a version of it will allow you to attract talent that your client missed out on, which could be exactly who they are looking for.

Remember: Your goal is to gain credibility, be a true value resource. And earn more $$$$.

If you’re ready to attract amazing talent…this Perfect Job Description Template is for YOU!


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