The Infamous Calculator


Looking to start your own recruitment or staffing firm and need a way to calculate your candidate fees and the fees that you will earn, the Infamous Calculator is exactly what you’re looking for. Watch The Video!

When you purchase this Digital Download you will have immediate access to this editable excel spreadsheet where you will be able to calculate your candidates pay rate, charges to your client and see how you can literally make millions of dollars during your first year of business!

This is a great product to compliment the Staffingpreneurs Contracts, Fee Agreements and Forms!



The Infamous Calculator

You’re a staffingpreneur – not a mathematician. So how about you focus on running your startup and let my Infamous Calculator take care of the numbers! Watch the video and see!

Configured in a way that allows the owners of staffing firms and recruitment agencies to quickly determine candidate fees and pay grades, the Infamous Calculator definitely belongs on your team. Use the calculations to adjust your rates for max profits and you’ll be well on your way to making millions.


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