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Do you have a recruitment and staffing business fully setup, but are unsure of exactly how to RUN the business? Having your business setup and running the business are two totally different things. This amazing course with live classes will teach you how to run the business as an owner, and how to work in the business as an employee. If you haven’t made a dime in your business because you’re still missing some pieces…this is the course for you!

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Now that your business is fully setup and ready to go, it’s time to learn how to run the business – and we mean – the right way. This is the second course in our three-part training series – congratulations – you’ve come far. Now, this is an online course taught live by our Chief Staffingpreneur Dee Williams AND weekly live hands-on interactive classes where you will actually create, call, and email real live customers and candidates. You will leave this course feeling confident about running your business, AND will have your first signed contract in hand, with at least one placement. How exciting is that?!!

Let’s talk about the course and How It Works:

  • Starting on Monday, June 1, 2020 @ 2pm EST/ 11am PST, you will login to your zoom meting. Remember, this course is about learning how to DO, so we must keep training hours during the day.
  • The first hour will focus on teaching the how to…
  • The second hour will focus on showing, practicing, and doing. (Note: There will be some days where we will only teach, and some days we will only do, either way, you learn everything you need to learn to land your first contract, and make your first placement.)
  • You will take the course and show-up every Monday to meetings until you make your first placement.
  • If you miss your class, you can catch the replay. You will be required to catchup on your own.
  • You will gain access to a Slack Group and a Private Facebook Group (specific to this course in the event you’re not a Slack user. :-)) where you can talk to other Staffingpreneurs that are taking the course and keep the conversation going there. These two mediums will be monitored by Dee & her team, and all questions are reserved for here and here only.)
  • You will gain access to the Official Staffingpreneurs Private Facebook Group to hang out with ALL of the Staffingpreneurs all over the globe.
  • You will have the ability to join one of our Staffingpreneurs Run The Biz Bootcamp LIVE IN-PERSON where you will bring your phone and laptop, and will work the business with Chief Staffingpreneur Dee Williams. A schedule will be posted on the calendar after you join. Live classes are held at least four times per year in some part of the world. 🙂 There is an additional fee to attend – this is totally optional for the Staffingpreneurs who want it and need it.
  • You will have completed this course in one of the following ways:
    1. You can test out of the course. You can request to have a final exam administered which is a three-part exam Part One: Multiple Choice | Part Two: Written | Part Three: Showing (you will be required to research, call, email, and conduct a live online meeting in front of Dee Williams or one of our amazing live instructors.
    2. Land your first contract, with one person placed either direct hire or on billing with proof of contract, placement, and funds received.

What You Will Learn And Do:

  • How to Run The Business – The Owners Guide: You will learn and Practice
    • You will setup your company processes so that you can clearly run your business with ease.
    • You will ensure your recruitment and staffing technology (ATS) is completely setup and ready to use.
    • You will learn how to create and read your performance goals and metrics, and how to manage yourself and your staff using these metrics.
    • You will learn how to get into the details of billing your clients directly, and using a 3rd party funding source.
    • You will learn how to hire internally along with a simple compensation structure.
  • How to Create Execution Strategies: You will learn and then Create:
    • Your THREE core Phone Strategies
    • Your THREE core Online Strategies
    • Your THREE core In-Person Strategies
    • And you will implement them to use throughout this course to reach your goals!
  • How to Source Candidates: You will learn step-by-step, using your staffing technology along with offline/online resources:
    • how to use boolean and natural language search to find the best talent in the world!
    • how to use job boards to find the best talent in the world!
    • how to use search engines to find the best talent in the world!
    • how to use social media to find the best talent in the world!
    • how to find talent offline to find the best talent in the world!
    • And then you will practice live with Dee or another instructor to ensure you get it.
  • How to Recruit Candidates: You will learn step-by-step, using the staffing technology on your laptop (and your phone):
    • how to recruit active, semi-passive, and passive talent.
    • how to pipeline and how to sell the candidate on the open position.
    • how to get your candidates submitted to the client to ensure they schedule an interview with your candidate.
    • And then you will practice live with Dee or another instructor to ensure you get it right.
    • You will work on live job orders, and if you make the placement – YOU GET PAID a % of the fee (varies based on our fee within our signed contracts).
  • How to do Sales & Business Development: You will learn step-by-step, using your staffing technology along with offline/online resources:
    • how to find the companies and the hiring managers within them.
    • how to reach out to hiring managers.
    • what to say to hiring managers when you do reach out.
    • You will learn how to get VMS and direct clients.
    • And then you will practice live with Dee or another instructor to ensure you get it right.

What You Will Get:

  • One-on-One Onboarding With Dee Williams PLUS Custom Launch Plan
  • Scripts & Role-play to Practice Before We Go Live
  • Real Practice with Real Job Orders
  • Real Phone Calls to Candidates & Potential Clients
  • Digital Downloads that are associated with each section of the course
  • A Certificate of Completion to verify that you have successfully completed the Run The Business Course AND that you successfully setup your Niche’ Recruitment and Staffing Business
  • Virtual and/or In-Person Graduation Ceremony


  • You will make a one-time payment of $997, which will give you lifetime access to the course materials. Any changes that we make in the future, you will have access to and this industry is changing more frequently than ever. We keep all of our courses updated so you will be in great hands.
  • There is a monthly fee of $149.99 that will also be billed to your credit card on the 25th of each month automatically. This is for the hands-on coaching  that you will receive on a weekly basis.
  • Today, when you sign up, you will be charged $997 + $149.99 (pro-rated). This means that if it’s the 21st of the month, you will be billed only for the 21st through the 24th of the month, and then on the 25th of the month, you will be charged again for the next month in the amount of the full $149.99.
  • You will be charged the monthly fee ONLY until you cancel your subscription.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account here at aRecruitmentStore.com.
  • If you cancel your subscription before you complete the course, you WILL NOT receive a Certificate of Completion, and WILL NOT attend your In-Person/Virtual Graduation.
  • To attend the Staffingpreneurs Run The Biz Bootcamp LIVE IN-PERSON, this cost is additional and will be no less that $599 and no more than $1500. Schedule, days, and times will be available on the calendar after you join and this is TOTALLY OPTIONAL! (Shhh…. the next one is scheduled for July 15-17, 2020 in Dallas, TX and we’ve already sold three tickets (25 22 seats available total).

Here’s what happens after you super clickety-click that magical button!

  • You’ll be taken to the checkout page to make your payment. You’ll choose your adventure with any major credit card to complete your enrollment. Rawr!
  • Right after you pay, you’ll be redirected to the confirmation page where you will see a link to download your order. There you will find a few things:
    • Instructions to access the course
    • Zoom link for the live training (you will show up here on June 1, 2020 @ 2pm EST/ 11am PST
    • A link to the Private Facebook Group
    • Dee Williams will be calling you personally for an introduction and onboarding within 48-hours of your purchase (she has a right to refund you in full if it turns out that you’re not a fit for this course)
    • A special CUSTOM Launch Plan created especially for you which you will receive after your orientation with Dee Williams
  • You will also get a confirmation email with all of your fancy membership deets (where to go, how to log in, where to find our delicious online community, etc). Oh it’s on! 
  • This course is personal. It was created to help you make the best matches and earn tons of money in the process. One of our most Successful Staffingpreneurs finished the Setup course in September 2019 earning $0 per year in the business. May 2020, she is billing $34,000 per week!!! You Can Do It Too!!! This course is for you! Register now!
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