Production Activities & Metrics Workbook


The Staffingpreneurs Production Activities & Metrics Workbook is a fully editable five worksheet Excel workbook,

which allows you to log, monitor and manage your niche recruitment and staffing business.

Think of it as your accountability log!

This dynamic download also comes with a full video that will guide you through how to use the workbook which was recorded during a live session with Expert Recruitment Trainer & Coach Dee Williams.

The Staffingpreneurs Production Activities & Metrics Workbook includes:

  • Instructional Video
  • Weekly Schedule – How To Focus Your Days
  • Daily Activities – Keep Track of What You’ve Done Each Day
  • Activities Metrics – Make Sure You’re Creating Enough Activity To Make Placements
  • 90-Day Radar – Keep Track of Who’s Falling Off Contract Ahead of Time
  • Growing Pains – Log The Questions, Issues and Challenges You’re Experiencing
  • Milestones Timeline – Create Milestones For Your Placement Activities
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Production Activities & Metrics Workbook

Offering an accountability log that keeps you on track and a video tutorial showing you how to use it, this downloadable package is a beginner’s essential.

Why hire a personal assistant to maintain your schedule when everything you need is right here in this digital workbook? Make the smart move by downloading our metrics book today! Composed of activity lists and metrics charts, the compilation helps you make the most of each day. It even includes an instructional video by Dee herself, so you’ll have no problem getting started.

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