Staffing Contracts, Fee Agreements and Forms Templates


Having the right staffing contracts, fee agreements and forms in place to seal the deal with your clients and candidates is crucial to the success of your business.

You are able to access your 50+ downloadable documents via a zip-file immediately, and each and every document is editable for you to customize, brand and make your own. Our forms have been attorney approved and ready to assist you with the growth of your new business (Disclaimer: please have your own attorney review, based on your specific location and laws).

When you purchase and download this product, you will receive:

  • #1 – Instructions on what’s included and what each Contract and Form is used for!
  • Plus 50+ contracts, fee agreements and forms for you to use right away!


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Staffing Contracts, Fee Agreements, and Forms

This digital download package takes the guessing work out of which contracts, agreements, and forms to use when running a staffing agency or recruitment firm.

Professionalism begins with preparation. Containing over 50 downloadable legal documents frequently used by recruitment and staffing startups, you’ll be ready to seal the deal with clients and candidates without delay. The forms are editable, so all you have to do is plug in info, print them up, and have all involved parties sign.

*Disclaimer: Though pre-approved by an attorney, please have your legal representative review the documents before officially using them. There could be minor changes needed to comply with laws in your area.

Here is the list:

1. Agreement with Accountant
2. Agreement Not to Disclose Trade Secrets
3. Appointment for Employment Interview and Testing
4. Background Check Permission
5. C2C_Independent Contractor Agreement
6. Candidate Interview Debriefing Questionnaire
7. Candidate Reference Check Form
8. Consultant Non-Disclosure Agreement
9. Certificate of Employee of the Month
10. Checklist_Progressive Discipline
11. Company Bonus Letter
12. Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreement
13. Congratulations on a Job Well Done
14. Congratulations on Promotion
15. Consulting Services Contract Agreement
16. Contingency Placement Fee Agreement w/SOW
17. Contingency Placement Fee Agreement
18. Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
19. Employee Handbook
20. Employer Interview Debriefing Questionnaire
21. Employment Agreement
22. Engaged Search Fee Agreement
23. Exit Interview Form
24. Letter Confirming Employment Terms
25. Master Service Agreement
26. Nondisclosure Agreement For Employees
27. Noncompete Letter to Departing Employee
28. Notice of Promotion letter
29. Payroll Deduction Authorization
30. Post-Employment Separation and Release Agreement
31. Profit-Sharing Plan
32. Questions to Avoid During an Interview
33. Sample Business Development Follow-up Rotation Schedule
34. Sample Corp-to-Corp Agreement
35. Sample Skill Marketing (MVC) Email
36. Search Options & Fee Structure
37. Shopping your MVC Candidate (The Skill Market)
38. Split-Fee Placement Fee Agreement
39. Staffing Services Fee Agreement
40. Staffing Agreement (General)
41. Standard Retained Search Fee Agreement
42. Temporary Employee Agreement
43. Temporary Staffing Services Agreement
44. Temp-to-Perm Conversion Fee Schedule
45. Thank You to Applicant for Testing email template
46. Contract Job Order Form
47. Direct Hire Job Order Form
48. Email Submittal Presentation
49. Perfect Submittal
50. Resume Submittal
51. Right to Represent (R2R)
52. Worksheet Termination of Employment
53. I-9 Form
54. W-4 Form
55. 1099 Form
56. IRS Form 1040

***Note: These forms are totally different from the Healthcare Contracts Forms and it should be noted, that there are documents in this package that you may need if you’re running a healthcare business, but they are NOT included in the Healthcare Contracts and forms package so you will need to purchase them separately).

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